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Fresh Air Exhaust

The cleanest and quietest exhaust system for inboard boats.

Frequently, after a day on the water, we feel irritable, nauseous, or have a headache. We typically blame the sun, the wind, the beer, a hard fall, or simply exhaustion but we may be experiencing the subtle toxic effects of carbon monoxide.

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How does Fresh Air Exhaust work?


Fresh Air Exhaust (FAE) works by injecting the boat’s exhaust gasses into the propeller wash to move it away from the boat. This is done by connecting the FAE to the existing exhaust outlets. Consequently, the propeller wash pushes the exhaust gasses away from the back of the boat, where it surfaces anywhere from 30 to 90 meters behind the boat; and greatly diluted.  This is similar to outboard engines that have the exhaust exit through the boat’s propeller.

The Benefits


Reduces carbon monoxide by approx. 90%

Carbon monoxide is a lethal gas that is produced in the engine exhaust and can accumulate, even in areas that appear to be well ventilated. Many people have been on a boat and later in the day felt lethargic or had a headache. They typically blame it on the sun, food, beer, etc. The complaints may be due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Because carbon monoxide is colourless, tasteless, odourless and nonirritating, it can overcome the exposed person without warning. Children, people with pre-existing heart and lung conditions, people with asthma, and the unborn child are especially vulnerable. The effects of carbon monoxide are cumulative; the longer your exposure, the greater the health risk.

Reduces exhaust noise by approx. 50%

Boat exhaust noise with a Fresh Air Exhaust is typically reduced by 4 to 6 decibels; this is considered a 50% reduction in perceived noise levels.

Fresh Air Exhaust Options


Fresh Air Exhaust are available in 4 designs, suitable for a many dual and all single exhaust inboard boats. Some measurements will be required depending on the design you select for your boat. Prices start from $1299, delivered. Contact Steve on 0487409707 to discuss your options.

Original 3 Piece Design

The Original 3 Piece Design is available for many dual exhaust inboard boats. This design has the lowest delivery cost because as it can fit in a smaller box. It is also the most adjustable; though this is seldom an issue.

One Piece T Design

Some prefer the 'cleaner look' of the One Piece T Design. It is available for many dual exhaust inboard boats.

One Piece Y Design

The appearance of the One Piece Y Design speaks for itself. It is available for many dual exhaust inboard boats.

Single Style Design

The Single Style Design is available for all inboard boats with a single exhaust outlet. The secondary mounting for most boats will attach to the trim tab hinge or the drain plug flange.

Fresh Air Exhaust Features



Finish - Brushed Stainless

Welds - Standard


Welds - Blended

Blended welds are polished to blend the weld for a smooth finish. This only applies to the outer, most visible edges of the elbows and do not hide the weld of the down pipe.

Platform Quick Release (PQR)

On most boats that have two exhaust outlets FAE will also attach to the swim platform. If you remove your swim platform for storage or frequently remove it to polish your boat, the Platform Quick Release is a necessary option.  The PQR has 2 quick release pins to quickly disconnect the swim platform from the FAE.  Even if you only remove your swim platform once a year you may wish to include the PQR because the hardware used to mount the FAE to the swim platform can be difficult to remove once installed (stainless steel nuts and bolts has a tendency to seize once tightened).

Quick Release Lever Clamps

In combination with the Platform Quick Release (PQR), the Quick Release Lever Clamps allow you to completely remove your FAE from your boat.  This is only necessary if you require complete removal of the FAE for storage purposes.

Do you want to make installation easier?

With the side mount option you mount your FAE to the swim platform brackets; this is accomplished by drilling a pair of holes into the brackets. If your swim platform has tube style brackets, the side mount clamps onto the tubes. Without the side mount option, you have to remove the fibreglass swim platform from the brackets to drill the bolt holes; basically a pain in the rear and an hour or two longer.

The side mount option is available for most boats, please confirm when ordering.

Does your boat have a Fixed Trim Tab?

If your boat has a centre trim tab that is not adjustable from the driver’s seat, then you have a Fixed Trim Tab. The FAE database lists lots of boats that have a fixed trim. In case we don’t have your boat listed correctly, let us know if your boat has a Fixed Trim Tab.

Boat Exhaust Flappers

Inboard ski/wake boat exhaust systems are wet exhaust systems. During normal operation there is water in the exhaust pipes and muffler. The water is pumped by the impeller first into your engine. The hot engine water is then injected, at the aft end of the header, into the exhaust system. In other words, the water is injected into the exhaust system where the rubber hose begins. Without this water, the rubber hose begins to smoke in about 30 seconds.

Fresh Air Exhaust was invented in 2004 by Dr. Larry Mann. Larry originally began Fresh Air Exhaust to help save the sport of wakesurfing. At the time, the sport was under serious threat due to the concerns of carbon monoxide. "I went out to prove that boats and wakesurfing were safe. The first time I tested the carbon monoxide level at the back of the boat I measured carbon monoxide that was at lethal levels; I developed a new respect for carbon monoxide dangers present in boats." - Dr. Larry Mann.


The first Fresh Air Exhaust was made in a home garage (and looked like it); but it worked exceedingly well. Larry spent months refining the FAE and conducting carbon monoxide tests. FAE are now installed on thousands of boats world wide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will FAE work on my boat?

Fresh Air Exhaust fits the following inboard boats with single or dual exhausts: Axis, Calabria, Centurion, Correct Craft, Epic, Gecko, Hydrodyne, Infinity, Malibu (all Wedges), Mastercraft, MB, Moomba, Nautique, Sanger, Ski Supreme, Supra and Tige.


Do I have to drill holes in my boat to install FAE?

For almost all boats no. Some installations require drilling screw holes into the teak swim platform, the fiberglass swim platform brackets, or the fixed trim tab. Pre-cut and drilled mounting hardware is included but due to inconsistency in boat manufacturing some installations do require you to drill holes into the mounting brackets provided.

What finishes do you offer?

Brushed stainless finish. You also have the option of upgrading to blended welds.


How do I care for the brushed stainless finish?

You will clean and wax it the same as you do the rest of your boat; it will look as good (or poor) as your boat. The brushed stainless FAE can also be cleaned with a Scotch-brite pad. When buffing with the Scotch-brite pad rub in the direction of the existing brushing.


How long does the installation take?

Installation time depends on your boat. Installation can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours.


Does FAE interfere with boat handling, performance or wake?

Generally no. Our customers report little change in their slalom, surf or wakeboard wakes. There may be a little more spray (and occasionally less) with FAE installed. Boat handling and performance are unaffected.


Do I have to remove my FAE to wakeboard?

No. Once you install it, you can forget it. You will want to check occasionally to confirm that all mountings are tight, but other than that, you can ignore it.


Can I still trailer my boat with FAE installed?



Do I have to modify my exhaust system to install FAE?

No, if your boat has standard exhaust outlets. If your boat has a non-standard exhaust outlet it will need to be replaced.


Can my FAE hit the bottom of the lake?

FAE is positioned higher than the propeller and rudder. Your propeller and rudder would be hit before FAE.


My boat has an ‘ultra low emissions’ engine. Is it safe for carbon monoxide?

The Ultra-Low Emissions standards do NOT cover Carbon Monoxide. If you have an Ultra-Low Emissions boat, do not be lulled into a false sense of security; your engine still produces lethal levels of Carbon Monoxide.


Will FAE interfere with my boat warranty?

There are thousands of FAE installed.  We are not aware of anyone having a warranty issue with FAE. If your boat engine is under warranty you can have your boat dealer perform the FAE installation to eliminate any warranty questions.


Do I have to remove my Malibu Wedge to install FAE?

No. The FAE is installed with the wedge in place. FAE has models to fit all Wedges; Power, Manual and Floating.


My boat has a catalytic converter. Why would I install a FAE?

A catalytic converter significantly reduces Carbon Monoxide, but you are still breathing gasoline engine exhaust. With FAE installed, once your boat is in forward gear, all exhaust gasses are virtually eliminated from inside and the back of your boat. You will have the cleanest and quietest gasoline engine boat in the world.