FAE One-Piece Y Design

FAE One-Piece Y Design


With a Fresh Air Exhaust (FAE), exhaust fumes are pushed down into the propeller wash where they are safely moved away from the boat. It also greatly reduces the engine noise, allowing for easier communication and enhanced audio!


Protect your family and friends, while enjoying the benefits of breathing fresh air!

  • Product Info

    The FAE One-Piece Y Design is suitable for most dual exhaust inboard boats.


    All Fresh Air Exhaust designs perform the same, some prefer this 'cleaner look' over the Original 3-Piece Design.



    What is a Platform Quick Release? On most boats that have two exhaust outlets FAE will also attach to the swim platform. If you remove your swim platform for storage or frequently remove it to polish your boat, the Platform Quick Release is a necessary option. The PQR has 2 quick release pins to quickly disconnect the swim platform from the FAE. Even if you only remove your swim platform once a year you may wish to include the PQR because the hardware used to mount the FAE to the swim platform can be difficult to remove once installed (stainless steel nuts and bolts have a tendency to seize once tightened).


    What are Quick Release Lever Clamps? In combination with the Platform Quick Release (PQR), the Quick Release Lever Clamps allow you to completely remove your FAE from your boat. This is only necessary if you require complete removal of the FAE for storage purposes.


    For more information visit our Fresh Air Exhaust page.

  • Features

    • Reduces Carbon Monoxide by 90%


    • Reduces engine noise by 50%


    • Easy install, no major modifications are required and can be removed at anytime.


    • Brushed stainless steel finish. 


    • Blended welds - polished to blend the weld for a smooth finish. This only applies to the outer, most visible edges of the elbows and do not hide the weld of the down pipe.


    • Exhaust flappers - act as one-way valves, to let exhaust gases out of the engine/exhaust system into the water. They're vital because they also prevent water from back-flowing into the exhaust and ultimately the engine, where it can cause hydraulic lock and possible catastrophic failure.


    • Delivery included.


    • Made to order.
  • Ordering

    All Fresh Air Exhausts are made to order due to variations between manufacturers, models and options you may have on your boat.


    We will contact you to obtain images, measurements and your preferred mounting options prior to finalising your order.


    *If you are unsure if you would like Platform Quick Release and/or Quick Release Lever Clamps at the time of purchase we will discuss this with you prior to finalising your order. If you decide you would like these options, additional charges will be invoiced.