FATSAC 1100lb Ballast Bag Set (2200lbs)

FATSAC 1100lb Ballast Bag Set (2200lbs)



  • Product Info

    Sold as a set of two.


    If you're looking for the ultimate ballast bag to set your boat up for wakesurfing then look no further. Fatsac has answered the call to produce a monster bag that will completely fill the rear compartment of most v-drive boats.


    Ideal in v-drives longer than 23 feet, these bags will work well anywhere you have the right amount of space for them, including smaller v-drives with tall compartments, and even direct drive boats.


    The inset fill ports on the top make it easy to access the connections, even when the bag is full in the compartment.


    Because the 1100lb bag uses Fatsac's standard connectors, this bag can be a direct replacement for the factory bags in 2009 onwards Supra and Moomba boats.

  • Specifications

    Size: 50" x 24" x 24" - 1100lbs

    (127cm x 61cm x 61cm - 499kgs)

    Ports: 4 each

    Fittings: Each bag comes standard with all the fittings needed to be compatible with the FATSAC Supa Tsunami Pump. Quick Twist Adapter, Ballast Bag Plug x2, Air Release Bag Plug