Tidal Wake XLR8 Wake Shaper

Tidal Wake XLR8 Wake Shaper


XLR8 is a wedge style performance shaper that is easy for one person to install from inside the boat. It is engineered for mid mount and V drive boats.

  • Product Info

    The ingenious fin design redirects and accelerates water flow away from the boat to create big, clean wakes on the surf side. The tunnel fin acts like a power funnel, making the wake up to 50% faster. This extra large fin channels water further back for more push and a longer sweet spot. This patent pending design is great for big air, tricks and provides more wake to play with for those new to the sport.


    The XLR8 is a water director, managing water flow with engineered shapes, not flat plastic panels common on other surf wake shapers which are water deflectors.


    The XLR8 also allows you to up the wake amplitude on boats with built-in surf systems.


    Tidal Wake use the strongest suction cups on the market - they even have built in release tabs making it easy to switch to either side of the boat.. and if you drop it in the water, it floats!


    The XLR8 has a tool free, easy to remove fin, that lays flat in its own compact storage bag, suitable to store in the confines of your boat.

  • Features

    • Engineered wedge style performance wake surf shaper
    • Easy for one person to install from inside the boat
    • Best wake shaper for both skim & surf style riders
    • Patented design grows & accelerates your wake
    • Great for tricks and big airs, a taller, longer and wide wake with massive push for experts and beginners
    • Strongest suction cups on the market
    • Rotating, adjustable lanyard loop
    • Tool free
    • Floats
    • Compact storage in it's own bag
  • Specifications

    This product is for: Mid mount and V drive boats.


    Space requirements: A flat space, clear of thick decals on the hull of your boat at or below the waterline near the stern. The minimum space requirement is 12.5 x 4.5 inches.


    Available in metallic silver with black, blue or red fin


    Dimensions: approximately 14 x 4.5"

    Weight: 2.9lbs

    Construction: plastic

    Made in USA.