Roswell Seahorse Hanger

Roswell Seahorse Hanger


Sold in pairs.


A concept born in the ocean, destined to be woven into tales of mystical folklore by way of aesthetics alone, the Roswell Seahorse has emerged from the depths to give salvation to saturation in a world that finds no place suited for wet gear.

  • Features

    • Fits 1.9” – 2.25” & 2.375” – 3” tubing sizes
    • Easy to snap on and remove from your tower
    • Rubber grips prevent tower damage and provide grip
    • Floats so you won’t lose it in the water
    • Holds up to 10lbs (4.6kgs)
    • You can hang anything you can hook to it weighing up to 10lbs (4.6kgs) including but not limited to: swimsuits, wetsuits, life jackets, wet shirts and towels, ropes, hats, snorkel gear, and much more!
  • Specifications

    • Fits: 1.9 – 2.25 inch & 2.375 – 3 inch tubes
    • Weight Limit: 10lbs.
    • Materials: Overmolded TPU Injection molded, UV stable, flexible resin