Tidal Wake Seat Step

Tidal Wake Seat Step


Seat Step by Tidal Wake is a portable and affordable way to protect boat seat cushions.

  • Product Info

    Boats seats are often mis-used as steps when boarding from the dock, water and swim platform, causing upholstery to wear and tear.


    Step into the future of boating with a safe new way to protect your upholstery and welcome your guests.


    Seat Step is an attractive, portable and affordable “must have” to protect boat seat cushions, while offering a slip-resistant surface for getting in and out of your boat.


    This specially engineered luxury marine mat has a patent-pending, anti-flex rigid layer embedded in its core. It distributes weight from a concentrated area (like a foot) throughout the entire mat, eliminating the tugging and stretching that rips upholstered fabrics and seams.


    It’s weighted against wind, so it won’t fly out of the boat. And it floats so you will never lose it even if you drop in the water.


    Put Your Foot Down… on a Seat Step!

  • Features

    • Prevent rips in your boat seat upholstery
    • Weighted so it won’t fly out of the boat
    • If you drop it in the water –  it floats!
  • Specifications

    Size: 55.5cm x 35.5cm

    Weight: 1450g

    Construction: High quality engineered marine matting with patent pending anti-flex embedded core