FATSAC 400lb Ballast Bag Set (800lbs)

FATSAC 400lb Ballast Bag Set (800lbs)


Perfect for building massive wakeboarding and wakesurfing wakes.

  • Product Info

    Sold as a set of two.


    Fatsac's most versatile bag, the 400lb ballast bag can be used nearly anywhere in the boat; place it in the bow, the walk way, on a seat, beside a seat, or in a storage locker to enhance the wakeboard or surf wake behind your boat.


    V-Drive Boats: The Fatsac 400lb ballast bags are designed to fit in the compartments on either side of the engine in v-drive boats to build a massive wakeboarding and wakesurfing wake.


    Direct Drive Boats: The 400lb ballast bags work great on either side of the engine for a great wakeboard wake, or put one on the side of the engine, and one between the engine and rear seat for a perfectly surfable wave.

  • Specifications

    Size: 42"  x 16" x 16" - 400lbs each

    (107cm x 41cm x 41cm - 181kgs each)

    Ports: 3 each

    Fittings: Each bag comes standard with all the fittings needed to be compatible with the FATSAC Supa Tsunami Pump. Quick Twist Adapter, Ballast Bag Plug, Air Release Bag Plug