Wake Surf Package

Wake Surf Package

Wake Surf Package
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    Tidal Wake XLR8 Wake Shaper

    Fatsac 400lb Ballast Bag (Single)

    Fatsac Supa Tsunami Pump Juiced Edition

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    TIdal Wake XLR Wake Shaper

    XLR8 is a wedge style performance shaper that is easy for one person to install from inside the boat. It is engineered for mid mount and V drive boats.


    • Engineered wedge style performance wake surf shaper
    • Easy for one person to install from inside the boat
    • Best wake shaper for both skim & surf style riders
    • Patented design grows & accelerates your wake
    • Great for tricks and big airs, a taller, longer and wide wake with massive push for experts and beginners
    • Strongest suction cups on the market
    • Rotating, adjustable lanyard loop
    • Tool free
    • Floats
    • Compact storage in it's own bag

    More information on the Tidal Wake XLR8 Wake Shaper here.


    Fatsac 400lb Ballast Bag (Single)

    Fatsac's most versatile bag, the 400lb ballast bag can be used nearly anywhere in the boat. Perfect to place in a storage locker to enhance the surf wake behind your boat.

    Size: 42"  x 16" x 16" - 400lbs

    (107cm x 41cm x 41cm - 181kgs)

    Ports: 3

    Fittings: Comes standard with all the fittings needed to be compatible with the FATSAC Supa Tsunami Pump. Quick Twist Adapter, Ballast Bag Plug, Air Release Bag Plug


    Fatsac Supa Tsunami Juiced Edition Pump

    The Supa Tsunami Juiced Edition Pump is a pre-packaged, fully submersible portable pump solution designed for quick and easy filling of compatible ballast bags. 

    Thanks to the high capacity 1700GPH motor and oversize 1" tubing, the Tsunami ballast pump makes it quick and easy to fill/drain the Fatsac bags in your boat.

    Fatsac's Quick Connect fittings are a standard feature which means connecting the pump for filling and draining is simple.

    The pump includes a black kink-proof hose that ensures maximum water flow for optimal fill/drain times.


    • Hose Length: 3.8 metres
    • Wire Length: 6 metres
    • Power Source: 12V cig. lighter
    • Self-priming: Yes


    How the Pump Works

    The Tsunami ballast pump is a high flow model that is both durable and dependable. For filling the bags, simply connect the free end of the hose to the Quick Connect fitting on the bag you want to fill, drop the pump in the water over the side of the boat (it is completely waterproof and submersible), and plug the included cigarette lighter adapter into the 12v accessory plug on your boat.


    For draining just reverse the connection of the pump, securing the pump body itself directly to the bag you want to drain, and placing the free end of the hose over the side of the boat.